Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This comic about workplace usage of applications strikes a bit too close to home....

Monday, August 23, 2004

An update on the weekend:

fri: Montana Wildhack played bass for our friends Kelp, who lost their bassist and drummer two weeks before their first gig. The evening went well, especially considering there'd been only one practice.

sat: After yoga and a nap, I saw Le TechnoPUSS13S play at the Northside Tavern. They sounded (i thought) better than they've ever sounded before, and I've seen most of their gigs. Warrior Burlesque, a.k.a. Vinnie, their singer, was dressed as a nun until the second song, when she whipped off the habit to reveal a sparkly bikini top (though she did leave the head-part of the habit on (what is that called anyway?)) and a mini-skirt. At a couple points, she lifted up her skirt and covered her behind in paint, and then "painted" the plate glass window with her behind, which I'm sure was nice for passers-by. She'd also, in honor of their new song "Glitter Bomb", made a bunch of glitter bombs, which consist of balloons with glitter inside. As you might imagine, those assholes who like to pop balloons got a big surprise. [don't forget, they'll be playing at my birthday show on 09/17].

sun: My new friend Dan, a.k.a. DJ Ruckus Roboticus, came down to hang out, along with my friend and bandmate (from two different bands) Gabe. I took him to Shake It! Records, where he had a nice-sized stack of vinyl within a few minutes. We played records for a while, and then had some Chinese food. Dan drove home, and Gabe's girlfriend met us to see Garden State. I liked it. Someone told me it's being called "this summer's Lost in Translation," and while I can certainly see where that comes from, the movies are very different. Natalie Portman was excellent; she's really coming into her own as an actress.
[oh, and don't forget, DJ Ruckus Roboticus will be playing at my birthday show on 09/17 as well].

Thursday, August 19, 2004

A friend sent me a review of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, by Lynne Truss, on Monday. It intrigued me, and I bought it. Much to my surprise, it's on the Bestseller List. Odd, for a book on punctuation.

I haven't read much of it so far, but what I have read I've enjoyed immensely.

Oh, and I got 100% on the punctuation game on the book's site.
I sure do like Real Player. [note: not really.]

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

a new personal favorite website: You Have Bad Taste in Music.

Be sure to watch the videos.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

GXAOUI has a duck!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Harmon Leon is a genius.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

How did i miss the existence of Godwin's law?

Monday, August 09, 2004

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

An astute, funny, and at the same time disturbing comic about office software abuse.

Monday, August 02, 2004

last week

last week was busy. i think i mentioned tuesday's enduser show below, so let's start with the dance party.

Wed: DJ Empirical's Pan-Genre Dance Party was, i think, a success. I had many people on the dance floor of the Comet (a rock-n-roll bar) shaking their respective things, and i guess you can't judge success at a dance party better than that. :)

Thu: Clutch at the Southgate House -- amazing. I got their late, so i missed the opener, and even a couple Clutch songs. That was ok, though, as they played forever! Two sets, in fact. There were a lot of newer tracks, ones i didn't really recognize. I'll have to remedy that slight clutch cd deficit i have going.

Fri: DJ Empirical and the Black Fives were supposed to play in a courtyard in downtown Cincinnati, but it got rained out, and since there was no rain provision, their performances were just canceled. Phooey. Oh well, everyone went out for karaoke later instead.

Sat: Yoga canceled in the afternoon, and the Southgate House Summer Showcase show was way weird. There were definitely not as many people there as i had anticipated, plus the upstairs lineup, where the Black Fives were scheduled, got changed at some point. The Black Fives, as you may know, are an electronic noise/beats duo, yet opening for them in the southgate house parlour were two separate solo acoutic guitar/vox acts. apparently they were both from bands who "couldn't make it". weird. even better was that the second guy even played mostly covers (Beatles, Velvet Underground, etc.).

The Black Fives took the opportunity to play a lot and loudly. basically, the set was a lot of self-indulgent noise, perhaps the worst one we've played. it was fun, though we did run most of the people out. we even ended up playing an encore to one person: Jim from Chalk. he rocks.

Sun: I saw The Villiage. I didn't particularly like it; it was typical Shamalan bait-and-switch fare.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

So much for Negativland's proposal in their Dispepsi cd: Coke or Pepsi? It's all in the head

dance party

The "Pan-Genre Dance Party" was fun, though it wiped me out. Today's Thursday, though, and i took tomorrow off of work, so i should be fine.

I'm seeing Clutch tonight; that should be fun. They're friggin' great.

I'm playing tomorrow at the Final Fridays thing downtown.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The cEvin Key Game

so, a couple years ago, i made up a music game to play in my head that basically lets me flex my music knowledge muscles. it's set up like the Kevin Bacon game, in that you link a musician back to cEvin Key (of Skinny Puppy / Download / Cyberaktiv / etc.), via albums.  I don't bother trying to do it in six links, though, but i do have fairly stringent rules for myself to make it harder.

here are my rules:

  • Links are by person, not by band
    In other words, your link would be
    Martin Atkins » Ogre » cEvin Key
    and not
    Pigface » Skinny Puppy
    It's ok to link by band, though, if the whole band in that link can be considered a unit, and it doesn't shorten the chain.
  • Links are only on released albums.
    This does include things that were released in promo but then not released officially (e.g. the Die Warzau "All Good Girls" single). This does not include bands playing together live, unless it was recorded and released. So, even though Joe Satriani toured with Deep Purple, that's not a valid link, since it was not released. (At this point, i do not count bootleg recordings, by the way.)
    » Recordings released to the internet only do not count.  "Released" here means physical releases only.
  • Links are valid only if both people are on the same song/track.
    In other words, finding some crazily eclectic/obscure compilation won't necessarily help you link, since these links are supposed to be collaborations.  The same applies to dj mix albums.
    » Remixes and producer credits count, though I personally try to avoid them if possible.

Use/ignore whichever rules you like, though -- these are for myself, as i said.  Do it however you want.  :)

Monday, July 26, 2004


This will be a busy week for the Quahogs Entertainment Group:

Tuesday July 27
DJ Empirical will be in Indianapolis checking out Cincy hero enduser supporting breakcore bad boy Soundmurderer and some others. Here's what I know:

Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn
Jahba & Sumone Release party $5
Soundmurderer + Enduser + Jahba & Sumone 
webcast: http://www.drumandbasstv.com/
This should be a fun gig. And an all-star crowd, with members of The
Black Fives and Animals within Animals present. :)

Wednesday July 28
DJ Empirical's Pan-Genre Dance Party
The Comet, Cinci, 9pm - close
DJ Empirical will be spinning music to dance to from many genres. Perhaps there'll be a few special guests as well....

Thursday July 29
DJ Empirical has been looking forward to seeing Cluthc again for months, and he'll get his wish on Thursday at the Southgate House!

Friday July 30
DJ Empirical and the Black Fives (featuring QEG member schädel) will be sharing the stage with LightStretching, a puppet show(!) as a part of the Final Fridays art show, here in Cincinnati.

We'll be performing in a courtyard next to the Iris Building (next to Mr. Pitiful's) in downtown cincinnati. I think the address is 1333 Main St., but that's from memory, and i don't have the flyer with me. Email me if you're not sure what to do....

Saturday July 31
The Black Fives will perform as part of the Summer Showcase at the Southgate House. In fact, we'll be headlining the Parlour. More info is at the Southgate House website.

Wow. i think that's all. maybe we'll all sleep better next week.

Glue Rocked.

i saw Glue on friday at the southgate house. they rocked it, as they've been rocking the warped tour all along.

DJ DQ: amazing.
ADM: amazing.

And actually, some of the pics I took are near-amazing as well :)

Check them out:

Let me know what you think of them, as I'm kind of getting into this photography thing....

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Monday, July 19, 2004

Friday's show

The Black Fives played on Friday, 07/16. We ended up having to play first, but it was a good performance (i think).

Lesniak recorded it; we hope to get it from him sometime....

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Lest we forget what a no-talent assclown Gene Simmons is, here is a transcript of his interview with Terry Gross on NPR from a couple years ago.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

last night's show

last night was the first live performance of the Black Fives with new member (and QEG member) schädel.

First up was Lesniak, whose cd release was not too long ago. (You can still get it on Tokyo Rose Records.) His set was great, loads of drone stuff. Check his cd out; it's good.

Next was a collaboration between Burning Star Core (BXC) and IOVAE, with Spencer (BXC) playing the violin through Ron's (IOVAE) effects and stuff. Pretty sweet.

The Black Fives were next, and their first set together was 17 minutes of cool-ass noise & beats. The set was recorded, so hopefully you'll see an mp3 here sometime.

IZITITIZ did a crazy jazz/noise/synth/whatever set that ended in the drumset (and other stuff) piled in a huge pile. Awesome!

NTX+Electric are from Texas and they rocked the fuck out of the place with their brand of synth/punk/strobe loudness.

Yeah, that's all for now; i have to work.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More of what I'm missing on the Skinny Puppy tour.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Damn, look what i missed on the skinny puppy tour: skinny puppy philadelphia june 23, 2004


hey, this is a test.