Friday, August 08, 2003


DJ Empirical played at VENT last night, spinning an improv set of IDM. It worked out well; much better than he'd planned, actually. He's got enough cool obscure-ish IDM that people were engaged enough to be into it, but he threw enough "hits" (Aphex/Squarepusher/etc.) into the mix so that there was a comfortable reference point for everyone.

No recording was made, though, so don't ask. :)

The other performances last night were nice, too. The opener guy (whose performance name i can't remember) was cool: electronic beats with some cassette tapes mixed in. The the Black Cougars played; they were a sometimes ambient three-piece, consisting of live drums, a guitarist, and a vocalist, the last two running through heavy effects. Line 47 finished out the evening with a dj set ranging from reggae and dub to drill-and-bass.

A great evening. These keep getting better!



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